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Zambian Call Boys

Zambian Call Boys are a familiar figure at any Zambian bus station. Despite the visible signs on vehicle windshields indicating where each bus is going, the ‘call boys’ (and conductors) shout at the top of their voices while drivers honk their horns to attract travellers.

Zambian Call Boys Call Boys Fighting For Customers

If you are travelling using the Zambian public transport for the first time and you don't know which bus is going your way, there's no need to worry. The 'call boys' will take care of that.

The 'call boys' are an essential part of the Zambian transport system. They will even assist carrying your language to the bus.


These days, because of stiff competition, you will find different 'call boys' fighting over customers. To an outsider, this behavior looks shameful. But this is so because they only get paid when the bus is full and ready to depart. So they are always hustling to get customers.

Zambian Call Boys have been accused of all sorts of things. Chief among them are bad or insulting language to the passengers and theft.

Some travellers have labelled the 'call boys' a nuisance while others find them quite helpful. But just like in other spheres of life, there are genuine 'call boys' and also some pretenders. And the later are the ones giving the 'call boys' a bad image to the travelling public.

Next time you go to a Zambian bus station, take note of the Zambian Call Boys and experience an authentic Zambian bus ride!

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