Zambia Radio Stations

Zambia Radio Stations have come a long way since the first radio broadcasting station hit the airwaves in Lusaka in 1941 when Zambia was by then known as Northern Rhodesia. The radio station was an initiative of the colonial government.

After independence, radio fell under the Zambia Broadcasting Services (ZBS) which is the present day Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC).

Zambia today has a variety of radio stations available. Some are privately owned and the rest are state owned and run by the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC).

Zambia Radio Stations had a huge impact in the lives of the ordinary Zambian community. Society began to depend on the radio for entertainment, music and news.

The radio set, locally known as a “saucepan” those days, became the center of attraction. Instead of listening to fireside stories told by the elders in the evening, everybody gathered around the radio to listen to various programmes.

Radio made it possible to know about far off places and lands and what is happening there.

Community Radio Stations

Zambian Radio broadcasting was the prerogative of the government during both the colonial and independence days. The situation continued until 1991 when the government liberalized the media industry in the country.

Q FM Radio-Premises

Since then, there has been a mushrooming of community radio stations not only in urban centers but in rural areas as well. These radio stations are usually owned by the church, cooperatives, learning institutions and individuals.

Community radio stations arose in large part due to the inability of the national broadcaster (ZNBC) to reach all parts of the country and also lack of local community content.

The diversity of the Zambian custom and culture provides a thriving ground for community radio stations. Below are a number of Radio stations that have come on the scene and the towns/cities where they are based:

  • Breeze FM (Chipata)
  • Flava FM (Kitwe)
  • Choice FM (Lusaka)
  • Hone FM (Lusaka)
  • Radio Dove - UNZA (Lusaka)
  • Komboni Radio (Lusaka)
  • Yatsani Radio (Lusaka)
  • Yar FM (Kitwe)
  • Baptist Radio (Kitwe)
  • Hot FM (Lusaka)
  • Mazabuka Community Radio (Mazabuka)
  • Metro FM (Lusaka)
  • Radio Chikuni (Monze)
  • Radio Chikaya (Lundazi)
  • Radio Icengelo (Kitwe)
  • Radio Liseli Oblate (Mongu)
  • Radio Lyambai (Mongu)
  • Radio Mano FM (Kasama)
  • Radio Maranatha FM (Kabwe)
  • Radio Maria FM (Chipata)
  • Radio Mosi-oa-Tunya (Livingstone)
  • Radio Phoenix (Lusaka)
  • Q-FM (Lusaka)
  • Sun FM Zambia (Ndola)
  • Zambezi FM (Livingstone)
  • Mongu FM (Mongu)
  • Sky FM (Monze)


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