Workers Compensation Fund Control Board

The Workers Compensation Fund Control Board (WCFCB) was instituted in 1999 as a body corporate under Act No.10 of 1999 of the laws of Zambia. The Board is headquartered in Ndola and it has 19 branches which are dotted around the country.

The Board ensures the following:

  • Established and administers a fund the compensation of the workers disabled by accidents occurring, or diseases contracted in the course of employment.
  • Pays compensation to dependants of workers who die as a result of accidents or diseases.
  • Payment of contributions by employers to the Fund

Vision of The WCFCB

The vision of the WCFCB is to be in the ‘’Top Ten Best Performing’’ organisation in order to become the leading social security in Zambia.

The Mission

The mission of the WCFCB is to effectively, efficiently and professionally administer a quality employment injury scheme.

Return To Work Programmes

The focus of the Board is to return injured workers to employment beyond providing traditional monetary compensation benefits. As a result it the Board offers scholarships to beneficiaries to undergo training for re-entry into the job market.

Training is done at the following institutions:

  • Chainama Hills College Hospital
  • Zambia Open University
  • Don Bosco
  • Northern Technical College
  • Zambia Centre of Accountancy Studies
  • Mufulira Technical Training Institute
  • Paglory College of Education

Return To Good Health Programmes

In order to return workers to work in good health, the WCFCB has entered into partnerships with the following health service providers:

  • Ndola Central Hospital
  • Beit cure Hospital
  • University Teaching Hospital
  • Zambian Italian Orthopedic Hospital
  • Arthur Davison Children’s Hospital
  • Holy Family Rehabilitation Heath Centre

Compensation Benefits

The Board compensates employers with medical costs reasonably and necessarily incurred by them at private and public health institutions on treatment and hospitalisation of workers disabled by occupational accidents.

Treatment At Local Health Institutions

Employers are encouraged to utilize public and private health institutions available within the country.

Treatment Abroad

Where there are no specialised health facilities in Zambia, upon the recommendation of medical experts, and approval from the WCFCB, employers are encouraged to treat injured workers abroad.

Lumpsum Payments

WCFCB provides lumpsum, one off payments to workers for static or permanent injuries assessed by a Medical Assessment Board at 10 percent or less degree of disability.

Life Pension

The Board awards a life pension benefit drawn monthly until death to workers for static or permanent injuries or diseases at more the 10 percent degree of disablement.

Survivor’s Benefits

Surviving spouses of workers are granted widow’s or widower’s pension drawn monthly until death or remarriage. 

Children Allowances

Allowances are paid to children who are below the age of 18 years. This is in addition to monthly pension granted to surviving spouses of workers who die as a result of occupational accidents and diseases.

Contact Info For The Workers Compensation Fund Control Board

If you would you like to know more about the WCFCB, the following is the contact info…

Compensation House
Corner Broadway/Moffat Road
P.O. Box 71534
Tel: 260-212 610 481/8
Fax: 260-212-612072

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