Solwezi Hotels And Lodges

Here are the top Solwezi hotels, lodges and guest houses (Click on the images for more details on the properties)...

Floriana Executive Lodge 

Floriana Executive Lodge

"Floriana Executive Lodge, Trust, Five Star Service". That’s the motto of the Executive Lodge which greets you on their imposing billboard as you enter Solwezi from Chingola.

Kansanshi Hotel

Kansanshi Hotel - Solwezi

This is a fantastic safari-style business hotel, with thatched roofs and separate living areas and is located in a great location.

Kisu Lodge

Kisu Lodge - Solwezi

The Lodge which is situated at about 1 kilometre from the turn-off road of Chingola towards Kansanshi mine on the left side along Saviye road and also about 4 kilometres from town centre is the fountain of Relaxation!

Mushitala Apartments

Mushitala Apartments in Kansanshi prime area of Solwezi.

Mwaaka Lodge

This is one of the best lodges in Solwezi and it is popular since it is near the main road. Book early as it is fully booked most of the times.

The Greens Lodge

The Greens Lodge offers accommodation in Solwezi town. Rooms have flat-screen TVs, DSTV and private bathroom with showers.

List of Top Solwezi Hotels, Lodges And Guest Houses

Click here for a list of top hotels, lodges and guest houses in Solwezi.

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