North Luangwa National Park

North Luangwa National Park, with an area of 4636 km2, is home to large herds of Buffalo and prides of Lion. Because of its remoteness, the park is relatively underexplored and it gives a whole new experience to walking safaris. North Luangwa was founded in 1972.

The park lies on the western bank of the Luangwa River. Safaris in North Luangwa are mainly guided walks or game drives with a trained scout. When you are on a safari in the wilderness of North Luangwa National Park, you are unlikely to meet another group on tour.

North Luangwa Walking Safaris

North Luangwa Walking Safaris is a chance of coming close to wild game in their natural habitat. You will come face to face with lions, herds of buffalos, hippos and many more.

Walking Safaris gives you a full experience and enjoyment of the abundant Zambian wildlife! Major John Harvey and his wife Lorna started walking safaris in North Luangwa in 1984.

Walking Safaris are breathtakingly awesome as they allow you to experience the wildness of the game park on a personal level. Furthermore, there is simply no better way of viewing the untamed African wildlife!


The North Luangwa National Park is described as one of the greatest wild-life sanctuaries in the world. It has got an astounding concentration of wildlife along the banks of the Luangwa River. The largest land mammal, the elephant, is easy to spot and roams in herds of up to 70.

The other large mammal which you definitely can’t miss is the Hippo. The Luangwa River and valley has quite a high concentration of hippos—about 50 per square Km. Other intriguing herbivores include the zebra, which occurs in herds of about a dozen.

Best Time To Go There

The dry season, which runs from April to October, is the most favorable time for walking safaris. With the shortage of water, more animals gather at the dwindling water sources. This in itself makes for a great spectator, especially because the predators take advantage of this to hunt as much as they could.

The park has no permanent lodges and is not fully open to the public. But you can access it through one of the few licensed safari operators.


The following are some lodges and camps in or on the peripherals of North Luangwa National Park;
  • Mwaleshi Camp
  • Luangwa North Camp
  • Buffalo Camp
  • Delia Camp
  • Kutandala Camp

Buffalo Camp

With six en-suite chalets, the Buffalo Camp is well equipped to guarantee your stay in this part of unspoilt Africa is truly a memorable one.

Kutandala Camp

Overlooking the Mwaleshi River, and with plenty of wildlife in the vicinity Kutandala Camp is perfectly set for the adventurous.


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