Nakonde Town

Nakonde town is located at about 1000 kilometres north of Lusaka city and it’s about 400 kilometres from Mpika. In fact, it is the capital of Muchinga Province.

Despite the heavy trade that takes place here, by all intents and purposes we could safely say Nakonde is still a village. Still more, it contributes quite a large chunk to the Zambian government revenues!

Siting on the Great North Road, the town is found right on the border between Zambia and Tanzania, Therefore, it is a border town. The population of Nakonde is growing at a fast rate and it is one of the fastest growing towns in Northern Province.

Business is booming in Nakonde! People of different origins and backgrounds spend weeks doing business here or waiting to clear their goods with the Zambian Revenue Authority. 

Yes, Nakonde is a major border post town. It is a gateway for travellers and trade between the two countries, Tanzania and Zambia. With busy traffic coming through the town every day, a great economic opportunity for both countries is being exploited. 

Despite the fact that the town has no college or trade school, it however has banks…

Banks In Nakonde Town

The town does have banks such as Barclays Bank, Zanaco and Finance Bank.

Nakonde Lodges And guesthouses

Izukanji Lodge - NakondeIzukanji Lodge In Nakonde

Nakonde has several Lodges. Among the one’s you will find are Izukanji Lodge, Oby’s Guest House, Nkumbi Guest House, Twiza Lodge, North Point, Zangendaba Lodge, Lwambazi Guest House, Nantiwapa Guest House, Wana Lodge, Niza Guest House, Mapenzi Guest House, Mwetwa Guest House, Delta Lodge…

Other Important Nakonde Historical Sites

By the way, if you didn’t know, here are some two facts for you…

  • Zwangendaba, the King of the Ngoni was buried about 30 kilometres away from the main town centre
  • The graves of German soldiers who fought during the World War are in Nakonde

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