Mpatamato Or Mpatamatu As At Today

Mpatamato Township, just like its counterpart, Roan Township had been providing residential accommodation for miners of copper for a long time. Sometimes the Township is known by the name Mpatamatu. The small township is situated at 12 kilometres from Luanshya town centre.

From the town’s heydays of copper production, copper was being mined from 18 Shaft, 28 Shaft Mulyashi mine and Baluba Mine. The town has 7 sections, starting from Section 21 to section 27. Section 21 was the first to be constructed in 1961.

Main Roads

The town is situated at about 12 kilometres from the main Luanshya town centre. There are four main roads in the town. First there is the main road which gets into Mpatamatu from Roan Township. Others are Tiyende Pamodzi, Kalulu and Nsofu.

Market - MpatamatuMpatamato Market
Mpatamatu Shopping CentreMpatamatu Shopping Centre


The township’s main shopping centre has one market, butcheries (Tembo’s Butchery and Masabo Butchery) and various stores such as Madan Bros. and others.


Are you one who wants to have a beer or two before retiring home in the evening? There are drinking places which cater to different age groups. If you are a senior citizen or somewhere there, you can visit Zimba’s (in section 25), Simbro (in esction23), Auntie B, Betty M Mwimba and Manjorwa (found at main shopping centre). Most bars cater to the young at heart, including Top One, (at main shopping centre) the only night club in Mpatamatu!


Mpatamatu has its share of schools. There are four primary schools; Kansumbi, Nkambo (P.O. Box 90060, Motto – Shaping The Future Through Education), Mwaiseni (Motto – Education for Success And Development) and Mpatamatu (P.O.Box 90032, Motto – I will face the Challenge) 

The Secondary Schools are three; Nkulumashiba East (Motto – Success Through Discipline), Nkulumashiba (P.O. Box 90113, Mission Statement – To Provide Education For Self Reliance And Sustainable Natural Development) and Mpatamatu Secondary School (P.O.Box 90100, Phones +260 964 121 970, +260 515 061. Motto-Prosperity Through Hard Work)  

Colleges In Mpatamato

Currently, three colleges are on top list; Mpatamato College of Education, Mpatamatu Technical And Business College (On Mukulu road) and Luanshya Engineering Business And Education College (Soon to open) on main road from Roan Township.


Are you worried about your spiritual hunger? Worry not, there are a myriad of churches in Mpatamato! The Catholic Church (St Charles Borrowmeo, P.O.Box 90120), United Church of Zambia, Mpatamatu Seventh Day Adventist Church (P.O.Box 90668), African Methodist and Deeper Life Ministry are found on Kalulu road. Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall is on Nsofu road. 

The Seventh Day Adventist has three Churches (in section 23, 24, 26) and Jehovah’s Witnesses have also three Kingdom Halls (section 23, 26, 27).

Other Churches are Covenant Family Church on Mukulu road, BIGOGA (Bible Gospel Church In Africa) near the main Catholic Church on Kalulu road, Bread of Life International (Between Section 22 and 23)and World Touch Ministries International in section 24.


Currently there is only one lodge k-mies lodge, but more are soon to come.

Health Institutions

There are two clinics, one section 23 and the other in section 27. A hospital is under construction in section 25, soon to be opened!

Post Office

There is only one Post Office found at the main shopping centre.

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