Medical Schools In Zambia

There a wide variety of medical schools in Zambia for those who want to pursue a career in this field. The qualifications in sciences (i.e., biology, chemistry, and physics) are mandatory. 

Applicants must have completed grade 12 (examinations council of Zambia), I.G.S.E or any other recognized equivalent.

Chikankanta College of Biomedical SciencesChikankanta College of Biomedical Sciences

For non-school leavers, an equivalent combination of education and experience in the field applied for are enough. However, for more information you should be able to contact the institution of your choice.

The following is a list of medical schools in Zambia or colleges in alphabetical order:

Biomedical College
Ndola Central Hospital
Tel: 0212-612361

CBU School of Medicine
Ndola Central Hospital
P.O. Box 71191
Tel: 0212-618511

Chikankata Biomedical College
P. Bag S2
Website: Salvation Army

Copperbelt Medicine School

Dental Training School
Tel: 0211-239327

Dovecot College of Health Sciences
P.O Box 50507
Tel: 0211-261730/0955261730

Kaoma School of Nursing

Lewanika School of Nursing
P.O. Box 910147
Tel: 0217-222347/221463

Lusaka School of Nursing
University Teaching Hospital (UTH)
P.O. Box 50366
Tel: 0211-252940

Mongu School of Nursing

Monze School of Nursing
P.O Box 660129
Tel: 0973961599

Mukinge School of Nursing

Mulungushi University (Livingstone campus)
P.O Box 80415
Tel: 0215-221456/223750

Nchanga School of Nursing
Tel: 0212-310866

Ndola College of Biomedical Sciences
Tel: 0212-612362

Nkana College of Nursing
P.O Box 23597
Tel: 0979530165/097473131

School of Nursing & Midwifery
Roan Antelope Hospital
P.O. Box 90456
Tel: 0212-549555

Senanga School of Nursing

St Francis School of Nursing
P. Bag 11
Tel: 252354

Solwezi School of Nursing
Solwezi General Hospital
Tel: 0218-821402

UNZA School of Medicine
Ridgeway Campus
Tel: 0211-257635

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