Jackal And Hide Is Home
Of Quality Zambian Leather Products

Jackal And Hide design house is home to Zambian produced leather products and accessories. If you are looking for some authentic Zambian produced high quality hand bags, then the design house is the place for you.

Apart from a few fittings which are imported, everything used is sourced within the country like locally tanned cowhides, handpicked beads and Angoni cow horn. The end product has a truly authentic African feel.

Although it is best known for hand bags, you can also get leather accessories, clothing, textiles, jewellery and products for gentlemen. It offers the best price and the best quality for your leather products from Zambia. It’s an ideal place if you are looking for a memento!


Located on leopards road at Sugarbush farm, you are assured of high quality Zambian produced leather products. Jackal and Hide is run by Gillie Lightfoot with her small team of trained craftsmen who produce the bags right at their workshop at Sugarbush farm. The place is not only ideal for shopping but for relaxation as well. The atmosphere is charming and the surroundings beautiful.


There’s a café where you can have a meal or a cup of tea after you have done your shopping. Families are also welcome as the's a playground for the young ones while you do your shopping or simply relax at the café.

Business Hours

Tuesday-Saturday 08:00 – 17:00 Hrs
Sunday 09:00 – 16:00 Hrs
Monday Closed.

For More Information

Jackal And Hide
+260 211 841081
Email: shop@jackalandhide.net
+260 974421464
Email: café@jackalandhide.net
Web: www.jackalandhide.net


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