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And yes, the country is actually the home of the Mighty Zambezi River!

Getting into the country is a straight forward issue and you get settled as quickly as you come. The country is serviced by, South African Airways, Air Zimbabwe, Ethiopia Airlines, Kenya Airways, Air Malawi and a lot of regional airlines.

“Zambia is Africa’s largest producer of copper, has 50 million hectares of virgin forest. 

It is the home of the mighty Victoria Falls, 20 National Parks and 34 game management areas, and boasts over 40 per cent of southern Africa’s surface water resources.’’

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The country guarantees you the best deals and the best destinations. It is unspoiled, not commercialized and you have the whole scenery to yourself. You are given a rare and authentic taste of Africa.

You will come to know the best places to visit, the best hotels and the best places to relax in.

Are you a tourist looking for cultural tourism? You can sample the traditional ceremonies right here.

Come and set-up tented camps and enjoy the scenery. Not to be outdone are the breathtaking national parks that you will see.

Relatively under explored and still unknown to the common tourist, it offers the best of adventures with plenty of wild and bird life.

The concentration of the population in urban areas leaves huge tracks of land empty, enabling the setting up of large game sanctuaries, leaving the animals to roam about freely.

The country has a lot of safari destinations points. Among the frequently visited are:

  • KafueNational Park covering an area of 22,400 km sq., is one of the world's biggest parks and the largest animal sanctuary in Africa.
  • South Luangwa National Park is set in the Luangwa valley. It has the highest concentration of animals in Africa.
  • Livingstone (and surrounding areas) offers a lot of activities including sight-seeing at the Victoria Falls.

Watch The Victoria Falls In Zambia...

Yes, the country has it all: Game viewing, birding safaris, walking safaris, elephant safaris, canoeing safaris, white water rafting...the country will spoil you for choice!

A tour of the country is incomplete without a view of the National Monuments and the Victoria Falls, declared as one of the seventh wonders of the world and a UNESCO heritage site.

You will also see and admire the best photos for the places you would like to visit.

And finally, here's what you will get. Do you know what the country's greatest wealth is?

David Bristow, the writer, had this to say about this wealth:

“The heart of this country is its people, as warm as the African sun.”

The Zambian people,  “…as warm as the African Sun,” awaits to spoil you with their hospitality at any of the numerous Zambia hotels, lodges, guesthouses and social gatherings! 

If ever you come to this beautiful corner of the world, you will definitely agree.

This travel website will make your stay in this country the most memorable one.

It is the best place to be!