Ifishimu (Ifinkubala) and
Kapenta (Dried Small Fish)

by Jo-marie Mutale Sampa
(Kapiri Mposhi)

These are the two Zambian foods I enjoy the most and have learnt how to cook. These foods are seasonal but can be preserved for later.

Kapenta can be eaten either fresh or dry. It comes in different forms and from different parts of the country and thus have different names.

We have siavonga which comes from the Southern part of Zambia and Mpulungu which comes from the Northern part, but there are also other types on the market like Chisense, Kasepa, Usipa, Belebete etc.

Kapenta can either be fried, stewed or cooked with groundnuts.My favorite is dry fried Kapenta eaten with nshima, pumpkin leaves(Chibwabwa)and sweet potato leaves (Kalebula).

Ifishimu is just a specialty which goes down well after a day's work and am relaxing watching my favorite movie.

There are a number of them on the market but the most popular ones are Mumpa kaseke and Chipumi. Mumpa has a black head and has thorns while Chipumi has a yellow head and has no thorns and this turns out to be my favorite. Ifishimu can also be enjoyed by those drinking beer.

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Kapenta (Dried Small Fish)

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May 13, 2015
by: dswdcwsd


Jul 16, 2010
Cooking of Ifishimu and Kapenta
by: Anonymous

Good day, Joel.

It is good to hear from you and know that you like Ifishimu (Ifinkubala) and Kapenta (Dried Small fish).

Mumpa kaseke and Chipumi are the names for Ifishimu, the only difference is that Mumpa has thorns and Chipumi does not have the thorns.

The cooking method is the same, though other people will cook them like Kapenta and add tomatoes and onions then use them as relish. Others would prefer to have them as a delicacy.

For the rest, they are all in the family of Kapenta, though they are different in taste and appearance. Usipa and Belebete are better boiled than fried but the rest are prepared just like the other Kapenta.

Jun 27, 2010
Ifishimu ( Ifinkubala) and Kapenta
by: Joel

Hi Jo-marie Mutale Sampa,

I have enjoyed your description of Ifishimu and Dried Kapenta.

You say you have learnt how to cook them? How do you cook them?

Do you cook Chisense, Kasepa, Usipa, Belebete, or Mumpa kaseke and Chipumi in the same way?

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