Hybrid Poultry Farm In Zambia Clocks 50 Years!

It was on 18th April 2011, that Hybrid Poultry Farm celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Hybrid Poultry Farm Zambia Limited was incorporated on 18th April 1961 in Northern Rhodesia – order than the Republic of Zambia, which got its independence in 1964!

The business began with a single hatchery and farm in Chamba Valley, now the company’s headquarter.

Currently, it is the largest poultry producer in Zambia with state-of- the-art hatcheries and breeder farms situated in Lusaka and the copperbelt. The company has gone through various managements and currently it is owned by Hybrid Holdings Limited.

In a nutshell, here are the high lights of the company:

  • the Company imports grand parent chicks from Cobb Vantress in the UK.
  • it imports layer breeder parents from Hendrix Genetics’ in Holland for the pullet production.
  • the Poultry Farm produces broilers which are dressed and sold throughout Zambia under the Country Choice Chicken Brand.
  • the company produces approximately 60 per cent of Zambia’s broiler day old chick requirement and 65 percent of the pullet requirement.

Employee, Customer and Environmental issues

The company has about 930 employees. It focuses on staff development and the welfare of its employees is at the fore front.

Accommodation is provided on farms for staff and schooling for children due to the isolation of some of its sites.

Hybrid is a customer focused business. A fully trained technical team is on hand in both Lusaka and the copperbelt to provide support to customers.

Hybrid is also conscious of its impact on the environment. To this end, it has moved away from the use of charcoal and replaced it with LPG or coal brooding. Tree planting using both indigenous and commercial species has been embarked on.

And according to hybrid:

“This year, 2011, we commissioned a waste water treatment system at Country Choice Chicken’s processing plant to ensure waste water is treated to European standards, before it re-enters the environment”


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