The Embassy of Zambia 

The embassy of Zambia found in the United States is one of the most well-known embassies in the world.  

However, embassies in Zambia or High Commissions are mostly located in an area known as the ‘diplomatic compound’, the area between the Longacres shopping center in Lusaka and cabinet offices. 

Embassy of ZambiaZambian Embassy In America

This is where the Indian, Japanese, Nigerian and many other embassies are located. It’s a diplomatic community and you don’t have to travel far from one embassy to the other.

Infact, the embassy area (Embassy Park) just across from cabinet offices, is now a grave yard for former presidents of Zambia.

The following are brief details for some high commissions and embassies in Zambia with their contacts:   

American Embassy

Tel: 254924/257867/260284
P.O. Box 31617

Angola Embassy

Tel: 263627/294293/266853
P.O Box 32182

British High Commission

Tel: 251133
P.O. Box 50050

Embassy of the Russian Federation

Tel: 252120
P.O. Box 32355

Austrian Consulate

Tel: 257275

Botswana High Commission

Tel: 250555/256382
P.O. Box 31910

High Commission of The Republic of Namibia

Tel: 260407
P.O. Box 30577

Embassy of China

Tel: 260993/251310
P.O Box 31975

Embassy of the Republic of Italy

Tel: 250781
P.O. Box 50497

Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Tel: 251151/250229
P.O. Box 32428

Embassy of Brazil

Tel: 268174/840779
P.O. Box 33737

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Tel: 253819
P.O. Box 31905

French Embassy

Tel: 251322

Embassy of the Republic of Sudan

Tel: 252116
P Bag W179X

Royal Danish Embassy

Tel: 250608

Embassy of Finland

Tel: 251234
P.O. Box 50819

Ghana High Commission

Tel: 233211

High Commission of India

Tel: 220865

Kenya High Commission

Tel: 256684

Malawi High Commissioner

Tel: 265765
P.O. Box RW50425

Embassy of the Federal Republic of German

Tel: 250644
P.O. Box 50120

Honorary Consulate General of Greece

Tel: 231020
P.O. Box 31587

Embassy of Japan

Tel: 251555
P.O. Box 34190

Honorary Consulate of The Republic of Korea

Tel: 238504

Embassy of Zimbabwe

Tel: 254006
P.O. Box 33491

High Commission of The Federal Republic of Nigeria

Tel: 253177
P.O. Box 32598

Embassy of D.R Congo

Tel: 260040

High Commission of The Republic of South Africa

Tel: 261899
Private Bag XW369

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