Chainama College Of Health Sciences

Chainama College Of Health Sciences was initially three different schools located in various parts of the country until 1978 when they were fused into a college.

The college is a wholly owned Zambian government institution operating under the Chainama Hills College Hospital Board of Management.


The institution is located just off the Great East Road. Chainama College is easily accessible by road from either the western direction (City Center) or the eastern direction using the Great East Road.

Courses Offered

Chainama College offers Courses to both Secondary School leavers and those still in-Service. For school leavers, a Diploma in Environmental Health Technology and a Diploma in Clinical Medical Sciences (General) are the two basic courses offered. Other courses also offered are:

  • Diploma in Clinical Medical Sciences (Psychiatry)
  • Diploma in Registered Mental Health Nursing
  • Diploma in Registered Mental Nursing

In Service Training Courses

  • Management Of Essential Drugs
  • Clinical Management And Counselling Of HIV/AIDS
  • Health Systems Management
  • Management Of Malaria
  • Nursing Process: A Scientific Approach To Nursing Care
  • Medicine Update
  • Primary Eye Care
  • Health Systems Research And Projects Management
  • Medical Legal Aspects Of Psychiatry Patients
  • Medical Surgical Emergencies/Ambulance Patient Care
  • Medical Laboratory Update And Management
  • Reproductive Health (MCH)
  • Family Planning
  • Medical Epidemiology And Management Of Epidemics
  • International Classification Of Diseases (ICD-10)
  • Certificate In Public Health
  • Meat Inspection Skills
  • Control Of Diarrhoea Diseases
  • Safe Water And Solid Waste Management
  • Principles And Techniques Of Community Development In Health
  • Psychiatry Update

Want To Enroll?

The Chainama College will meet your demands whether you are still in-service or a school leaver.

For More Information

Chainama College Of Health Sciences
College Registrar
Tel: 292444-6 Ext. 2079
Box 33991
Email Address:

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