Car Wash Business In Zambia – A perfect Example Of A Small Business!

Car wash business in Zambia is sky rocketing! So, while I was waiting for my car to be washed, I decided to find out what was behind this business.

Here are the facts:

As I concluded later, car washing is one small business in which a lot of Zambians, especially the youth, are engaged. Almost all busy roads have got a facility for car washing business strategically placed somewhere, and there, someone is patiently waiting to clean your vehicle.

Cash Washing Business In Zambia Cash Washing Business In Zambia

There are a lot of car washing businesses in all major towns of the country. Most of them are placed near city centers or busy trading areas, particularly at major shopping centers. This is where they get most of their customers. Due to competition, the washers most of the times have to initiate the car washing deal with the potential customer.

There are two main ways used in car washing; automated car washing and manual car washing. Each way has got its own advantages and disadvantages.

Automated car wash business in Zambia is not available at the moment. Understandably, the business man feels threatened at the thought of someone coming up with such an idea in Zambia.

On the other hand, manual car washing has been highly praised as the best way of washing your car. In this respect, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, manual car washing is the in thing in Zambia.

Cash Washing Business In Zambia Cash Washing Business In Zambia

As a motorist, it’s important to have your vehicle washed frequently and have it waxed at least twice a year. Zambian roads are full of elements like soot and roadbed dust that can play havoc on your vehicle if left unattended to.

The car washer starts his day by drawing clean water, which is important for maintaining a clear coat of paint for your vehicle after your car has been washed. Dirty water can spoil the exterior of the vehicle.

You should bear in mind that car washers differ in training, knowledge and honesty. So, as you go out there looking for a car wash, expect varying service from different car washers.

Zambian car washers are basically running their car washing entities as small businesses. A lot of youths have gone into car washing business because it requires low start-up capital. This is true for car washers in Zambia who use manual equipment and cannot afford automated car washing equipment.

Most of them learned the trade through experience. In this respect, they lack formal training but they are skilled enough to handle your vehicle. A sort of job on training arrangement has been established within the system.

Guidelines For Car Wash Business In Zambia

The car wash business in Zambia has witnessed increased competition these days. A lot of the unemployed youths have seized the opportunity and are now proud owners of car washing businesses. Because of the influx of car washers, Civic authorities like the Lusaka city council have come in to regulate the way car washers should conduct their business.

There are guidelines for how one should run these businesses; for example, operating on a lease basis, distance of 500 metres between car was sites, no permanent structures erected at car was sites, no alcohol intake and sale at road side car wash sites, installing refuse bins, etc.

These guideline can be obtained from the Lusaka City council(LCC) website.

For a start, like any other business, car washers are required to obtain a business permit to enable them conduct their business, which is pegged at K 200.00 for the CBD and other fees are K 150.00 and K 100.00 depending on where your business is located.

Car washing is an ever increasing component of the informal sector. Apart from offering car washing services, the car washer also keeps your vehicle secure while you go about your business in town…

Finally, my car had been washed and it’s sparkling clean, it’s time I paid.

Prices differ from car washer to car washer. And also they differ depending on how you want your car to be washed.

However, some are not so rigid on the prices they charge. There are no fixed prices on how much should pay.

The Zambian car washer is very flexible!


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