Zambeef Maize Production In Chiawa,Chisamba & Sinazongwe

The Zambeef maize production projects in Chiawa,Chisamba, and Sinazongwe, were inspired by the unpredictability of the rainfall pattern in Zambia.

In good harvest years, Zambia experiences bumper harvests and she is able to export the surplus to other countries.

However in drought years, the harvest is not enough and this inevitably causes the country to import the crop in order to feed the citizens.

Given the abundance of water that is available in Zambia, Zambeef Products PLC realized that cultivation of maize, through irrigation was a must.

The full development of the Chisamba farm and Sinazongwe has caused Zambeef to become the single largest cropping operation in sub-Saharan Africa with 5,000 hectares under irrigation to produce 60,000 metric tones of grain per annum.

Indeed, these big projects will turn the country into a ‘mini Brazil’ of Africa’s economic growth and agriculture development.

The Chiawa project which has a total area of 10,000 hectares is earmarked for completion in 2011 and by this time, food security will have been ensured in the country and this will eliminate the need for expensive grain imports.

In respect to the Chiawa farm expansion project as reported in the Business Post dated 6th October 2009, Company joint managing director Carl Irwin said “Chiawa farm is just near the confluence of the Zambezi and Kafue Rivers and Zambeef is utilizing water that will have otherwise been lost with no commercial value to Zambia”

Lusaka Stock Exchange (LuSE)

Zambeef is listed on the Lusaka Stock Exchange. According to statistics (as at 6th October 2009), the company’s turnover increased by 69 percent to K 439 billion and profit after tax increased by 59 percent to K 37.4 billion.

Zambeef Products PLC also issued 44,036,596 new ordinary shares that resulted in the company raising K 259 billion, ensuring that the company was well capitalized and a diversified agri-business.

Zambeef has tapped further markets in Ghana and Nigeria as well. The company also plans to develop a 20,000 hectares palm tree plantation in Mpika.


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