Did You Know That Now Your Visitors Can Create Your Web Content?

Yes, it is true that your visitors can create your web content. And this is now possible with Site Build It!

Preliminaries first, Site Build It! can be owned by paying only $ 29.99 per month!

SBI! Monthly Billing Option

But the benefits are more than the price.Starting an online business has never been easier. Whether you are “technologically challenged, i.e. you don’t know about HTML etc, you are in the same league with the internet savvy.

Let’s look at the following:

  • Like I have said, Site Build It! is an all-in-one-program for designing, creating and marketing a website. This has been designed for those who are both newbies and internet savvies. All is in one place, including domain registration, tracking traffic to your website and ezine publication (Newsletter publishing).

  • Site Build It! provides many outstanding features. In the internet world it is an agreed fact (but then even in offline business) that you have got to provide what people want. To that effect in this program there is a tool known as brainstorm it. When you enter a key word in this tool, it will present to you, what profitable key words you can use and those that you shouldn’t use.

  • And also, you are not actually left alone. You are taken by the hand and shown all the pit falls of internet business. This is provided in the manual called the “Action Guide”.

SBI add-on called Content 2.0

In the on line web business, for you to have traffic, you need content. And this is when “Content 2.0” comes in.

By using this software, SBI owners are having thousands of pages created by visitors to their websites. Yes, it true one SBIer has more than 10,000 user-generated pages!

Indeed, your visitors will create your web content!

What can be better than that?

This is much faster than creating your own content, better than blog comments, far much better than PLR.

With Content 2, visitors can contribute words, images and video. Incidentally, corporations pay thousands of dollars to have web 2.0 platforms built (Content 2.0).

Content 2.0 is free

However,once you pay the $ 29.99 for SBI, Content 2.0 is free, unlike other web hosts!

Business building education system

In case you didn’t know, SBI is taught in more than 30 universities and colleges. It has enabled tens of thousands to develop a money-earning online business.

Powerful case studies

Here are examples of how your visitors can create your web content with Content 2.0…

"I have answered over 355 questions, that's 355 new pages added to my website since the end of January. That's not counting the 23 questions that are still sitting in the C2 queue waiting for me to answer them."

"As a result of all of this my visitors and income have increased substantially. "

- Alan from everything-about-rving.com

"C2 actually was the catalyst which caused my grief website to mature. It changed the character and color of the site. People just NEED to post what happened to them and get feedback from other visitors! It has MADE this site."

- Stella from findlove-keeplove.com

Private Forum

Again, you are not alone. Once you get SBI 2.0, you gain access to a busy private forum. Here SBI owners ask questions and help each other.

Why don’t you take another look at SBI?

SBI! Monthly Billing Option

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