The Victoria Falls In The Dry Season

The Victoria Falls in the dry season is reduced in size so much that it becomes a shadow of itself. However, when it's at its peak just after the rainy season, it has a volume of 1,500 cubic meters of water.

During the dry season, the Volume of water that plunges down a height of 110 meters is low and visitors don’t enjoy its full spectacle like when it's at its peak.

Victoria Falls In The Dry Season

The Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone, became the first European to see the Victoria Falls in 1855 and he named them after Queen Victoria. He saw it at its peak and not when the Victoria Falls is in the dry season.

Visitors At The Falls In Dry Season

How The Falls Were Formed

The Falls where as a result of the erosion of the softer rock by the falling water over a long period of time. The water broke off portions of the harder rock resulting in the huge cataracts that are now Victoria Falls. The locals call it Musi-otunya (Lozi) and Shungu namutitima (Tonga).

The Falls In Dry Season

The Falls In Dry Season

Other Zambian Waterfalls

Mumbuluma Falls

The Falls are about 33 km from Mansa town in Luapula Province. They are believed to be temples for Makumba and his sister Ngosa, whom according to the locals fell from the sky.

Ntumbachushi Falls

The Ntumbachushi Falls are found in the Luapula Province. The falls are on the Ng’ona River and are believed to be a sanctuary of spirits.

Nyambwezi Falls

Located about 204 kilometres south of Solwezi Town in the North-Western province of Zambia, Nyambwezi Falls are 20 m high.

Kundalila Falls

The name of the falls means “cooing dove”, a sound made by bird species that inhabit the area. The falls are located in the Central Province of Zambia on the Kaombe river.

Kundabwika Falls

The falls are believed to be a shrine by the locals. Kundabwika Falls consist of two water falls; the larger is about 20 meters high and 70 meters at its peak during the rainy season. They are found 95kms away from Mporokoso in the Northern Province. .


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