Pansupa Lounge And Restaurant

Pansupa Lounge and Restaurant opened in Lusaka on 11th June 2010.

Local interior designer Evelyn Kasonkomana of the newly opened Lounge and Restaurant said the venue will exclusively provide African dishes with more emphasis on Zambian delicacies.

image 1 Lounge And Restaurant

image 1 Lounge And Restaurant

image 1 Lounge And Restaurant

According to the “weekend post” dated 18th June 2010, Evelyn said “this is a thought I have had for a longtime now. The venue is simply made to give people an African touch and provide them with the variety of foods especially in Zambia. The setup as you have seen is meant to also promote tourism using indigenous African materials and artifacts collection.

The guests present at the official opening included Lusaka district commissioner Christah Kalulu, former vice-president Enock Kavindele and other dignitaries.

Where Found

The Lounge and Restaurant is found in Lusaka’s Villa Elizabetha. Set in a serene environment with the presence of earthly collections ranging from wooden stacks to neatly arranged artifacts. The venue is simply a place meant to promote Africanism, ideally designed with three main compartments comprising a comfortable lounge, restaurant and bar.

“We will go to most places in Africa, meaning we will host different nights to promote African culture and foods. We will have things like Zambian nights, Nigeria, Congo DR and so many,” she explained.

Traditional music performances featured on the opening night would take centre stage.


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