NAPSA (National Pension Scheme Authority) Clocked 10 Years In The Year 2010

In the year 2000, NAPSA or National Pension Scheme Authority was established. The Authority came into being under the National Pension Authority Act No.40 which was passed in 1996.

The National Pension Scheme Authority is the largest pension fund in Zambia.

Just a bit of history, the Scheme replaced the Zambia National Provident Fund (ZNPF) which had existed since 1966.

The Fund is a vehicle for providing retirement and other social benefits to workers in the country.

The Authority covers all workers in Zambia. As at March 2010 the Fund had about 600,000 active members.

NAPSA Head Office


There are three types of benefits: Old age, invalidity and survivors. The benefits are paid in a form of a pension or lump sum for those who do not meet the minimum requirements for a pension.


Under the old scheme, pensioners were being paid a lump sum upon retirement. Now this has been addressed in the new scheme. Members are paid a monthly life-time payment. The benefits are indexed to wage inflation to take care of the value of the benefits over time.

The pensioners get their dues through Zambia National Commercial Bank (ZANACO). According to the Memorandum of understanding (MOU) with ZANACO, this has been made possible even for members who do not have an account with the bank.

Another milestone is the implementation of a minimum pension. Pensioners paying small amounts are uplifted yearly to a meaningful pension in line with figures provided by the Central Statistical Office (CSO).

Starting from February 2010, the Scheme only accepts electronic returns from employers with more than 10 employees. The result has been improved data capture information.

The National Pension Scheme has now embarked on a programme of decentralization which has been aimed at equipping its offices to fully process claims. Indeed out of 23 stations, 13 are already online.


The Authority’s vision is two fold: To add the highest value to members’ funds and also to the Zambia economy. To this end the Authority avails capital through the financial banking systems for onward lending to businesses.


The authority invests part of the funds in line with guidelines of the NAPSA Board.

Hence, the Authority’s goal is to preserve the capital of employees’ funds, to ensure investment returns and liquidity.

For more information about the National Pension Scheme Authority, click here.


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