New Mkushi copper mine

Mkushi Copper Mine is another new mine in the Zambian mining sector

The Mine, known as Mkushi copper joint venture limited, is located about 20 kilometers (gravel road) from the main high way, the Great North road.

It is about 35 kilometers from Kapiri Mposhi town and 220 kilometers from the capital Lusaka, which puts it well within reach of main roads and railways.

The environmental council of Zambia has approved the development of the Mkushi mine and the construction of a copper smelter in Ndola. The new mine is a joint venture between CGA Mining and African Eagle Resources plc. CGA mining has 51 percent while African Eagle Resources, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Katanga Resources limited retain a 49 percent interest.

Mkushi mine is as a result of an investment of $60.9 million by CGA mining limited and African Eagle Resources plc (AFE) towards the development of the new mine. The new mine is geared to be an open pit mine.

According to an environmental impact assessment report from the environmental council of Zambia, the new mine is expected to have a life span of six years which is expected to be extended to at least eight years as a result of on going exploration activity.


Historically, Mkushi mine was discovered in 1922 and was developed as an underground mine. Later in the 1960s, it developed into an open pit mine. The policies of nationalization however forced the mine to close in the 1970s.

Operations at the new mine started in mid 2010 and production is to peak at 59,000 tones once fully operational. Mineral resources have been updated to 18.5 million tones at a grade of 0.83 percent copper.


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