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Lafarge Cement Zambia is part of the Lafarge Group which is the world leader in building materials and holds top ranking positions in all of its business divisions: Cement, Aggregates & Concrete and Gypsum.

As an industry leader in research and development Lafarge constantly endeavours to offer innovative, value added products to the customers.

Innovation is the perpetual driving force for the group. To this end it has a research and development budget exceeding 170 million euros and the largest building materials laboratory in the world.

"With 90,000 employees in 76 countries, the Lafarge Group offers the construction industry groundbreaking solutions."

The new plant – Chillanga II

It was on 14th November 2008 that the new state-of-the-art cement plant, Chillanga II, at an investment cost of US$120 million, was inaugurated by His Excellency Mr. Rupiah B. Banda.

Larfage Cement Zambia

The plant, which is environmentally friendly, with high-tech facility has increased cement capacity from 650,000 tonnes to 1,230,000 tonnes per annum.

Where found

The new plant – Chillanga II, is found at exactly 11 kilometers from Lusaka towards Livingstone, on the left side of the road.

The cement that has built Zambia

"Lafarge is proud that its product has been instrument in projects for over 50 years with superior quality. These projects range from 'Independence Stadium', 'Kariba Dam Wall', 'Lumwana Mine', 'University of Zambia' and Chinese built 'New Government Complex'."

SupaSet – A New Product

A new improved product, SupaSet was introduced into the market. This product is expected to lower costs in key sectors like energy and mining.

The new cement, to be used for block making is a 42.5R Portland Limestone cement. The product would lower construction costs in the construction of hydropower stations, dam walls and in the mining sector.

So in a nutshell, SupaSet 42.5R at Lafarge Cement Zambia is a rapid setting cement specifically developed for block and concrete production. This innovative product ensures higher productivity, delivering more blocks so much faster than any other cement.

You should choose SupaSet because of the following:
  1. Higher rate of early strength development that results in a faster turnout of blocks.
  2. Fast drying rate allows for blocks to be moved quicker.
  3. Improved workability for easier placing, compaction and finishing.
  4. Reduced water requirement, resulting in less cracking and more strength.
  5. Better cohesion, so concrete stays uniformly mixed until it sets.

Head Office And Chilanga Plant

Kafue Road
P.O. Box 32639
Tel 279029/40
Fax 278134, 279042
Chilanga Plant: 278440
E-mail: cement.zambia@larfarge.com

Ndola Plant

Cleveland Park, Ndola
P.O. Box 71572
Tel 02 611938, Sales 02 615163
Fax 02 615621/618201
E-mail: cement.zambia@larfage.com


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