Kasanka National Park:
Home To The Annual Fruit Bats Migration!

Kasanka National Park is one of the smallest Zambian game parks. It was declared a National Park in 1972. It is located near Serenje district in the Central Province of Zambia.

Under private management, Kasanka National Park is managed by the Kasanka Trust, a wildlife charity based in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The Park has numerous species of wildlife which includes impalas, hippos, monkeys, sitatungas, Servals, a variety of fish species and migratory bird species including the straw colored fruit bats migration spectacle.


The park has two lodges and two camp sites from which to choose from: Wasa and Luombwa Lodges and Kabwe and Pontoon campsites.

Wasa Lodge

Wasa Lodge, the main lodge in the Park overlooks Lake Wasa and is closer to the main gate. It offers ensuite chalet accommodation.

Luombwa Lodge

With an airstrip nearby, Luombwa is ideal if you are travelling by air. Luombwa is situated on the other side of the Park on the river side with its chalets overlooking the riverfront.

Best Time To Go To Kasanka

Every year in September-October, Kasanka National Park is home to an estimated 8 to 10 million straw-coloured fruit bats. This is probably the best time to be there for you to witness this natural annual phenomenon.

The fruit bats migrate from the forests of central Africa to Kasanka where there’s an abundance of water berries, masukus and mangoes this time of the year. The dry season also offers plenty of wildlife for game enthusiasts.


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