Cross Roads Lodges – Your Home Away From Home

Cross Roads Lodges provides hospitality and recreation facilities to holiday makers, business travelers and those who desire to lavish in elegant and exquisite surroundings.

The spectacular out door surroundings, adorned with immaculate architecture with state-of-the-art fittings, are created to give you a warm, tranquil and unforgettable experience.

The premises with a capacity of more than 250 people are ideal for various functions: among them are cocktails, conferences,business luncheons, corporate functions, wedding and bridal showers.


All rooms are self-contained, air conditioned and have television connected to DSTV. In the executive room you will be treated to a king size bed, Jacuzzi, refrigerator and coffee making facilities.

image 1 Cross Roads

image 1 Cross Roads

Accommodation is also available for long term guests. Available are quarters with 2 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and bath fully furnished with DSTV.

Conference facilities

There are three conference rooms: Lion, Cheetah and Zebra. These are fully furnished with a surround sound system, an overhead projector, a television, a DVD player/VCR and white boards.

Dining Room and Bar

Meals are prepared in a state of the art kitchen. There are two well stocked cocktail bars where you can relax your body and mind while watching your favorite stars on the big screen through an overhead projector.


When you come to Cross Roads, you will enjoy your day in peaceful surroundings at the pool side or in one of the chalets.

Wireless internet service

A wireless internet service is also offered if you are internet savvy.

Details Of Reservations


Tel: +26 021 129 5462
Fax: +26 021 129 5441
Mobile: + 26 095 578 3838
Mumana Road
Olympia Park
P.O. Box FW 116


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