Bio-Ethanol Is Coming To Zambia

Bio-ethanol is coming to Zambia. This was revealed by the CLEF Africa Energy Limited chief executive officer Mr. Francis Ngosa who said his company is in the process of setting up a waste management and bio-ethanol production plant.

Zambian owned CLEF Africa Energy Limited, in a bid to find other forms of energy apart from fossil fuels, is to establish a bio-ethanol plant at the Chunga dump site in Lusaka. Bio-ethanol is a type of bio-fuel, an alternative fuel to fossil fuels.

Biofuels include fuels made from plants, such as biodiesel (made from used and new vegetable oil) and ethanol (a plant-based petrol additive). Biofuels are also a type of renewable energy resource.

The Bio-Ethanol Plant

CLEF Africa Energy Limited is expected to spend about 65 million British Pounds or an equivalent of 500 billion Zambian Kwachas to put up the bio-ethanol plant.

A big chunk of this amount (57 million pounds) will go towards the purchase of two waste processors; 2.2 million pounds will be used to procure a load conveyor and a vibrating conveyor and another equal amount is for the construction of the plant infrastructure. 3.6 million pounds will go towards the production of 36 million liters of bio-ethanol.

Advantages Of Bio-Ethanol

Use of bio-ethanol can help reduce the total cost of fuel (as an additive to petrol) and carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles. Another advantage of bio-ethanol is that it is derived from renewable sources.

Bio-ethanol produced and used within the same country is a way to reduce dependence on foreign sources of oil and other fuels, especially fossil fuels. It also provides energy security and it is an economic boost for agriculture as it can be produced from agricultural produce.

Mr. Francis Ngosa, the CLEF Africa Energy chief executive officer identified corn as suitable for the production of bio-ethanol because of its high content in starch and carbohydrate.

Once operational, it will be advantageous to Zambia which at the moment has no other sources of alternative fuel.


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