What Is A Water Diet?

Have you heard about water dieting? So, what is a water diet? How much fat can you lose when dieting?

Water diet is basically a diet of water consumption only with the intention of losing weight. In other words, you abstain from eating food and only drink water. You know what; some people think that this is not dieting but just another form of fasting!

Of course there are variations of water dieting such as you can drink water for a few days, and then start adding fruits and vegetables once you've begun to lose weight, or you can start drinking and take apples.

Weight Loss

There are different ways of losing weight, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some people go to extremes in order to lose weight or for fear of gaining weight and going for a water diet is one of those extremes.

When you are on this diet, you are denying your body of essential nutrients. Water is free of calories and taking water as your only source of nourishment means that you are not taking any calories.

Health Implications

SFI Don’t Starve Yourself!

Although its widely stated that “Water is Life”, the human body cannot survive only on water for a prolonged period of time without serious health implications.

A Water diet results in a quick loss of weight, but prolonged water dieting has got unpleasant consequences like constipation, headache, dizziness and can even lead to fainting.

By denying your body any calorie intake over a period of time, the body slows down its metabolism to the minimum in order to meet the available energy supply.

A humans’ calorie needs range widely and the body needs to burn these calories in order to function. Any calorie deprivation to the body is thus inhibiting normal functioning of the body.

The human body needs energy-yielding nutrients found in food to function normally and stay healthy.

So, even if you are obese or overweight, a water diet is not the best method to lose weight. After dieting you will be so hungry and just revert back to your normal eating patterns and you'll gain the weight that you lost.

What Is The Conclusion To Our Question, "what Is A Water Diet"?

The following...

Exercise is still the best way to burn those extra calories and lose weight.

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