The Zambian Vendor And The Endless List Of His Merchandise

The Zambian vendor is very mobile. He's able to find you anywhere, even at your working place. And he is not restricted to selling goods only. He also specialize in offering services such as home cleaning, gardening and laundry.

The Zambian vendor is very much noticeable. Wherever you happen to be, you will likely come across the Zambian vendor with a load of his merchandise. The area in which the vendors operate is far and large.

Negotiable prices

The prices are very negotiable and this leads to a strong demand for their goods or services. Their type of business has got little or no overheads. They don't need premises from which to operate from, hence they don't pay rent. They have no worker's salaries to pay out. This gives them enough room to lower prices for their goods.


There are different kinds of the Zambian vendor. The differences are due to the items they deal in and the area where they work from. Some vendors operate from the market (marketeers), others from the streets (street vendors) and there are those who follow their customers in their residential areas, from one door to the next.

The child Vendor

The unfortunate trend is the increasing number of the children among the Zambian vendors. You will find the child vendor dealing in all sorts of things; vegetables, sweets, bottled water, soft drinks, snacks, ice block and the list is endless.

The practice of using children or minors as vendors generally interferes with their education and endangers their health. Throughout the country, children have joined their parents to work as vendors, either on the streets or in the marketplace. The length of the workday for children is one worrisome issue. You will find the child vendor selling after sunset and up to the late hours of the evening.

The presence of children among the Zambian vendor is directly linked to the prevailing economic situation. One outstanding characteristic of the situation is the high rate of illiteracy among child vendors, although their mathematical abilities are remarkable when it comes to giving customers change.

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