The Village Chicken

The village chicken is probably now the most easily available fowl on the Zambian restaurant’s menu. Have you strolled into any Zambian restaurant of late? If not you are missing out on something!

The previously known chicken on the Zambian menu was the broiler, but things have changed, village chicken has taken over! Whichever Zambian restaurant you happen to enter, ‘Nshima’ with village chicken is now the in thing!

Village ChickenVillage Chicken - With No Additives

Village chicken is now one of the renowned Zambian foods and is prepared in several traditional ways. By the way, a village chicken is the free ranging indigenous chicken usually reared in rural areas.

Many people prefer eating village chicken compared to other dishes. There is a significant difference between broilers and the village chicken. How do I know? Like they say; seeing is believing, in this instance - tasting is believing!

Most Zambians have now discovered the food value of  village chicken. Traditionally, village chicken was prepared in a very simple way with no additives added. The most common was and still is stewing and roasting.

In fact even livestock production farmers have noticed a change in nutritional preference by most households in Zambia, and as a consequence they have increased production of village chickens!

The modern Zambian restaurant has borrowed a leaf from long-established customs and is preparing the chicken in the same simple method.

The next time you feel like filling up, get yourself into any of the nearest Zambian Restaurant and enjoy some village chicken!

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