Restaurants In Lusaka With Contact Details

The list below shows some fine restaurants in Lusaka, Zambia. A cruise through the list will show you one restaurant that is close to you.

The list is by no means exhaustive, keep on checking this page for updates. Of course the types of restaurants differ. You have Zambian, Chinese, Indian, vegetarian, seafood and a lot others. So, here is a list of over 47 Lusaka restaurants in alphabetical order!

Arabian Nights

Pakistan/Continental [Arcades, Contact: 0211 257085]

Blue Moon

Café/Light Lun/Pastry [Woodlands, Contact: 0211 261858]

Buzz Café

Breakfast/Lunch [Crossroads, Contact: 0211 268339]

Cattleman's Grill

A la Carte/Grills [Chrismar Hotel, Contact: 0211 253605]


Buffet Lunch [Chaminuka Lodge, Contact: 0211 840883/4]

Chit Chat

Gourmet[Plot#5, Omelo Mumba Rd, Rhodes Park, Contact:0977774481]


A la carte [Courtyard Hotel. Contact: 0211 257487]


Pizza [Shop#1, Downtown Shopping mall, Kafue rd. Contact: 0979275867/0955224397]


Pizza [Manda Hill Shopping Mall]


Indian [Ibex/Kabulonga, Contact: 0211 262391]

Dong Fang

Chinese [Longacres, Contact: 0211 254328].

Four Seasons Bistro

Bistro [Smuggler's Inn, Contact: 0973 151933]


Vegetarian [Cairo Rd, Contact: 0211 226735]

Gerritz restaurant

German [26 Chaholi Rd, Contact: 0211 253639]

Green Ethiopian restaurant

Ethiopian [Chainama Rd]

Hellenic Hall

Greek [Kafue Rd, Contact: 0977870015]


Grill. [Pamodzi Hotel, Contact: 0211 254455]

Johnny's restaurant

Chinese [Lagos Rd]


Burgers [Reptile Park, Contact: 0211 233272]

La Gondola

Italian [Arcades, Contact: 0211 250280]

Le Bistro

Continental [Alick Nkhata Rd, Contact: 0977 760467]

Le Triump Dolphin restaurant

Seafood/Creole [North mead shopping complex Contact: 0211 292133/0977774954]

Lilayi lodge

A la carte [Lilayi. Contact: 0211 840435]

Marlin Restaurant

Steak/Chinese/Creole, [Lusaka club, Contact: 0211 252206]

Masala Mantra

Indian [Omelo Mumba Rd, Contact: 0977 894042]

Mezban Paradise

Indian [Kabulonga, Contact: 0211 266141]

Micki's Pub & Grill

Grill [Sable Rd, Contact, 0211 263272]

Mikes Kitchen

Various [Arcades, Contact: 0211 256643]

Mogal Restaurant

Indian [Kabulonga, Contact: 0211 264248].

Mr Pete's

Grill [Panganani Rd, Contact: 0211 223428]

Musuku Restaurant

International [Southern Sun Hotel, Contact: 0211 251666]


Serbian [Bwinjimfumu Rd, Contact: 0211 239541]


Irish Pub [Woodlands Mall, Contact: 0211 262156/7]

Ocean basket

Seafood [Arcades, Contact: 0211 256832]

Oriental Garden

Indian/Chinese [UN Avenue, Contact: 0211 252163]


Italian [Showground's, Contact: 0211 250111]


Gourmet [Arcades, Contact: 0211 256705/6]

Sandy's Lodge

A La Carte/Steak/Thai [Kafue Rd, Contact: 0966 916259]


Serbian [Mutandwa Rd]


Indian [Birdcage Walk, Contact: 0211 238364]

Sidewalk Café

Breakfast, Lunch [Cairo Rd, Contact: 0978 480609]

Steaks and Grills

Indian/Italian/Continental. [Pamodzi Hotel, Contact: 0211 254455]

The Lodge

Cosmopolitan [Sunset Villa's, Contact: 0211 272448]

Toro Restaurant

Spanish [Sable Rd, Contact: 0966760907]


Greek/Steak [Kafue Rd, Contact: 0211 272603]

Yatsa's Restaurant

Continental/Zambian [Chindo Rd, Contact: 0977 777799]

Yo Café

Breakfast/Lunch [Pyramid Plaza, Contact: 0211 253540]

Stay tuned for more restaurants in Lusaka!

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