Pupwe (Okra)

by M W N Simwala


I am Namwanga from Northern Province. In my home village, we eat okra called Pupwe, and hey it’s delicious. We eat in collaboration with ifisashi and beans.

The following are ingredients:

4 table spoons of pupwe, Quarter tea spoon of soda, Salt to taste,Tomato

How to prepare

Just cut tomatoes and bring to boil for 10 minutes, put aside and get another pot, put half cup water and salt and after mixing well you start adding pupwe (okra) slowly until it is thick.

After that you add tomatoes and serve with your nshima

The the fun part of this okra is that you don't have to boil it or cook at all!

And my dear readers, you will never regret ever trying it.

Mrs. Simwala.

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Nov 29, 2016
by: Lukundo

Thanks indeed Mrs simwala....I had kept pupwe for sometime not knowing how best to cook it...but after reading your method I'm motivated to prepare it right now.....thanks again

Nov 08, 2016
by: W. Silwimba

Good stuff!


Thanks Mr Silwimba for your compliments!

All the best

Joel Sinkolongo

Jun 13, 2016
Best Dish - Pupwe
by: Mwenda Nzowa

I am Nyika and I bought lots of it on my way back from Muchinga to Lusaka. Now thanx to your method of prep I'm going to spoil myself. Cheers Baba!


Thanks for your complement!

All the best,


Aug 10, 2014
Pupwe recipe
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the recipe, I was given pupwe by a friend of mine and didn't know how to cook it as I come from Eastern Province.
Thx again - (London)

Nov 21, 2011
by: PS

I fully concur with your sentiments on this delicious traditional Zambian food. I just tasted it once and the taste still lingers.

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