Ngonye Falls

Ngonye Falls are found in Western Zambia near the Village of Sioma on the Zambezi River. The Falls are situated in the southern part of Barotseland. 

It was about two years before seeing the Victoria Falls that Dr. Livingstone arrived at the Falls, also known as the Sioma Falls as they are near the village of Sioma. Upon seeing Falls in 1855, he wrote, “… the scenery was the loveliest I had seen”…

Ngonye Falls

Yes, Ngonye Falls View Is Stunning. In fact the Falls are not very high; about 12 metres, but the volume of water roaring and surging over the rocks formed in a wide crescent and stretching over a distance of about a kilometre is second only to the Victoria Falls.

Moreover, extensive wildlife is found around the area and especially near the Sioma Ngwezi National Park. You can even sight elephants near the Falls. 

However, poor accessibility to the Falls and not enough marketing have contributed to not having many people visit the Falls. 

So if you were to visit the Falls today, you would concur with Livingstone’s assessment!

How To Get There

The falls lie about 132km north of Katima Mulilo, about 300 kilometres from Livingstone and about 600 kilometres from Lusaka.

There are a number of camps near Senanga that offer guided tours to the Falls. Other Lodges such as Maziba Bay lodge and Sioma Bush Camp or Sioma River Camp also offer guided tours to the Falls.

People in the nearby town of Sioma also can offer a hand to take you to the Falls.

When To Go There

Different times of the year offer different opportunities for viewing the Falls.

The months of June to July are good for viewing the Falls. Other periods such as February to May and July to November are good for Rafting and Wildlife viewing respectively.

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