Mukuni Park Curio Market of Livingstone City

When you are in Livingstone, don’t forget to pay a visit Mukuni Park Curio Market. This is the place where you can buy any type of hand-carved crafts and curios. Name any type of curio you can imagine, and it is there!

The market opens from 6:00hrs to 20:00 hours. It has been in operation since 1890!

The place is found on Corner Airport Road and Musi-O-tunya Road on the right hand side towards Victoria Falls.

Besides buying curios, if you go behind the market where the Park is located, you can also learn a bit of history…

Mukuni gives you information about tourism activities in Livingstone City, support gemstone activities, old drift early activities, Livingstone Museum, Victoria Falls Rail Bridge construction, the Litunga (King) of Barotseland (Lubosi Lewanika, 1878 -1916), Lewanika’s first trip to England, Livingstone’s early days and the Barotse Park early activities.

Here is the history of Mukuni Park (from the Mukuni Park own records)…

“The existence and development of the Livingstone town is closely connected with the British Conial History and the “Scramble for Africa.” The BSA Company was granted a charter of what eventually became Northern and southern Rhodesia. The territory was then under British sphere of influence and was governed by the BSA Company which would have otherwise fallen to the Portuguese”

“Lewanika was at the time King of the Lozi, a kingdom which was said to stretch from Angola to the west and Kafue River to the east. He was persuaded to sign a treaty which ceded all mineral rights in the region through the Lochner Concession of 1890 (Lealui), to the BSA Company, in return for British protection against the Matebele. By 1900 the BSA Company had established an administration in the area heralding a new era in the heart of Africa. Livingstone was to become the headquarters of British power and influence north of the Zambezi for many years to come and what is known as the Mukuni Park to day, was to be at the centre of this influence.”
See the following pictures...

image 1 Mukuni Park Curio Market

image 1 Mukuni Park Billboard

image 1 Mukuni Park

image 1 History of Mukuni Park

image 1 Barotse Park Early Activities

image 1 Livingstone Early Days

image 1 The Litunga

image 1 Victoria Falls Bridge Construction

image 1 Livingstone Activities

image 1 Seed Project Activities

image 1 Old Drift Activities – Head Office

Mukuni Park is under the umbrella of:

National Heritage Conservation Commission
South West Region
P.O.Box 60124
Tel 260-03-323662, Fax 03-260-323653
Email: nhccswr@zamnet.zm

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