Livingstone Hotels Zambia 

Livingstone hotels Zambia is a guide to some of the hotels that are currently operating in Livingstone. If you are a visitor and you want to know which hotel to stay in, this is your place. However, the list below excludes motels, lodges and guest houses. 

Livingstone town, apart from being home of the mighty Victoria Falls, also offers a lot of activities including elephant safaris, helicopter rides over the Victoria Falls, fishing, game viewing (Mosi-au-tunya park), white water rafting and other adventurer's tours. 

Livingstone Hotels Zambia

Now the big question is where to stay if you want to sample what Livingstone has to offer. Don’t worry, there's plenty of accommodation within or near Livingstone. The list below will guide you to a fancy hotel of your liking.

The list is by no means exhaustive as new hotels are being built, and you will be updated accordingly.

The Royal Livingstone Hotel

Located on Mosi-oa-tunya road, its one place where you can spend your quality time. 

Protea Hotel

Also on Mosi-oa-tunya road is the Protea Hotel. The friendly staff compliments the excellent and comfortable rooms.


Protea Hotels Livingstone
Plot 2110 Mosi-o-Tunya Road,

Royal Zambezi Sun

Offers buffet breakfast, double bed rooms, and much more, all this is just 5 minutes’ walk to the Victoria Falls. 

New Fairmount Hotel

With over 400 rooms, the New Fairmount Hotel is situated right in the centre of Livingstone City and therefore offers accessibility to all that Livingstone has to offer.

Chrismar Hotel Livingstone

Chrismar Hotel Livingstone is always on transformation to become the best hotel in Livingstone.

Mosi-au-Tunya Sun International


Tel: 321121

Queens Hill Hotel


217 Area
P.O. Box 60461

The Livingstone Hotel


John Hunt Way
Tel: 324203

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