Kasama Town

Kasama town, the regional capital of Northern Province, is a busy town situated on the Great North Road and the TAZARA Railway Line. The town boasts of many amenities and services as well as an airport. It is a good area from which you can explore the surrounding attractions, which include the Chishimba Falls and excellent rock paintings dating back some 2000 years.

A cozy little town with a semi–urban setting, Kasama town at first glance looks like a town at a furious pace of development. And the evidence is there; new shops have sprung up, residential areas and other structures are going up!

New accommodation facilities and residential areas have been constructed. There have been Improvements in the transport system and in communication. Currently, three mobile phone operators; CellZ, MTN and Airtel have their services available in Kasama. It is also home to a new community radio station; Radio Mano.

Kasama TownKasama Town

It's believed that the name "Kasama" was a result of an incident that happened a long time ago when a hat of a white man got hooked or entangled in the bushes. So the place where the hat got hooked or entangled came to be known as Kasama, and this is where the town Kasama developed.

Getting There

It is strategically positioned and serves as a regional transportation and distribution centre for the surrounding areas. It is centrally located in the northern province of Zambia. The town is approximately 800 km from Lusaka

The area is served by a rail line [TAZARA] which runs up to the port of Dar-es-salaam in neighbouring Tanzania and down to KapiriMposhi in central Zambia. The railway, TAZARA [Tanzania Zambia Railways] provides both freight and passenger services to and from Kasama. The rail line is a popular mode of entry and exit in Kasama. 

If you intend to use road transport, various luxury bus companies run scheduled services between Kasama and Lusaka and the copper belt. Getting in and out is not a problem.

People of Kasama

This is Bemba land, and Bemba is the most widely spoken language. But despite being dominantly Bemba, people of all Zambian ethnicity are abundant in the town. It's one place you will find a variety of local cultures existing side by side freely. The most widely spoken language is Bemba, but you will find other Zambian languages being spoken as well, making Kasama diverse linguistically.

Housing/Residential areas

The town's residential areas differ widely from one extreme to the other. From planned residential areas like; new town, central town, TAZARA compound and "location" to the other extremes like Musenga hill/Kambotole, mulenga hill, chisanga and Katongo. 

Residents who are relatively well off or middle class usually live in modern houses, however, many other residents live in shantytowns or other inexpensive types of housing surrounding the town.


The town boasts of old accommodations like Kasama lodge and Kwacha relax hotel, and new establishments like Sinamu lodge, Generations guest house, Lody lodge and Musenje lodge.

Local Economy

Most of residents are engaged in the informal sector. In the morning, you can see Kasama residents going to various places. 

Kasama ShopriteShoprite In Kasama

Every morning, residents from the surrounding residential areas pour into Kasama town to earn their bread and butter. Apart from those in gainful employment, most Kasama residents run small businesses. Trading and vending are the usual economic activities undertaken by the majority of the residents. "Tutembas" (small shops) are scattered along the major streets of Kasama town. 

Farming is also a major employment sector among the local residents.

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