How I Make Money With My Zambia Website

On this page I would like to show you how I make money with my Zambia Website. 

Without overwhelming you with a lot of details, I will show you two things:

  • How I created and managed a helpful website, that pulls its own traffic and more importantly, 
  • How I make money with my Zambia  website!
Joel Sinkolongo

How I Created Zambia Advisor.Com

If you have read 'My New Profession', you have seen that I used a company called SBI to help me create my website. They taught me not to just create a website, but create a website that works - a real internet business.

In fact, I would suggest you pause right here and read my New Profession page before you go any further. Do it now, but PLEASE COME BACK. The first few paragraphs should give you an idea.

Go ahead, I will wait :-) 

If you read that page, you would have seen how the relationship with SBI started and the successes I am achieving with the site.

OK, but how did I achieve such great keyword rankings and site popularity? Good question. Simple, I followed their 10-day guide to the tee. 


I Developed The Site Concept

What is the site concept? Well, it is nothing more than the theme of the site.

To make it super easy, they typically ask you to identify your passion - something you love. They smartly ask you that so you can choose something that you know a little about or something you will enjoy sharing with someone.

When you get on the inside of SBI, you will see some very interesting site themes; from juggling and biking, to gardening, carpentry and cake baking. Of course you know my site has a travel destination theme.

OK, so I selected “Zambia” as my site concept. Then...


I researched Keywords…

To know what sort of pages I can write for my Zambia site concept, I entered Zambia into the SBI system.

The engine - the brains of SBI system, goes to work! They appropriately call it the brainstormer

It actually scrubs the web and finds all the top, most searched terms related to my site concept; remember I entered 'Zambia', right? 

From there, a few hundred related terms [keywords] came up. Yup, these are actual terms that individuals went to the search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) and typed, looking for information. [You will soon see how important this is].

They also told me exactly how many times these terms were entered in the given period [the demand]. 

But that’s not all, they told me also how many websites online had a page with that phrase [the supply]. 

From the demand and supply figures, they calculate profitability. Profitability is nothing more than a factor of demand vs. supply.

So they told me…

  • The keywords that persons were looking for
  • The demand for them
  • The supply for them and
  • The profitability of each of the keywords

I Wrote Simple Articles

…With those keywords I started writing web pages – without realising!

But, hold on a sec, I can’t overlook this!

I must let you know it took no special skill from me to write those pages.


…because they provided me easy to use tools and templates that allowed me to get going.

The template used in building a page, captures, for example:

  • The page name
  • The heading
  • The body
  • A footer
  • Pictures
  • Links
  • Etc., etc.

It is part of their core belief that people who are looking to build a web business really do not need to spend their valuable time and money on web design, programming nor database management. They say that it’s okay to learn, but it takes you away from doing what you really intended to do, working on your business.

They have made it supper easy! They call it the block builder approach.

However, this is too simple for some of the guys who come in with advanced web building programme. So what about them? Can they use the system?


They simply create their own pages, pictures, designs, etc., independent of the block builder approach, and upload them. 

The other system which they have developed is the SBI for word press with word press. Currently millions of sites are built using word press. You know that don’t you?

So you can either start creating your website with the block builder approach or with SBI for word press, the choice is yours…. 

Okay, okay, let me not divert… back to me building my pages.

So, your next question is:

“Where did I get all that information to write on?” Good question!

First of all, you will notice that all my pages are short, only a few paragraphs. That is deliberate, the search engines like that!

And second, information is abundant these days

The local newspapers, friends, television and radio, the little I know (originally I discounted that), and of course my favourite, - the internet! is an excellent example of online sites that provide a wealth of information. But there are scores of highly informative sites online that also provide me great insight.

Now, let’s talk about the most important issue, how I make money with my site, I bet you can’t wait! 

How I make Money With My Zambia

As you would have learned in my 'My New Profession', traffic started to come to my site almost instantly- in small numbers, and then the snowball really started.

In no time, I had enough traffic to monetize (make money)!

At the time of writing this page, I have two (2) main monetization options:

  • Affiliate Model
  • Google AdSense

You can see these adverts in the last column on this very page. They are Google Adsense and SFI respectively.

SBI taught me that the only way to ensure a stable and consistent business is to diversify; the more monetisation options, the better. 

Here, let me explain about the number one big money spinner from above – Strong Future International (SFI)...

The Affiliate Model

This is one of the older and perhaps still the most popular method of making money online.

You [the Affiliate] basically finds a great product or service being offered, you help to promote it and get a commission. That’s basically how it works.

Almost every established online business does this. This monetisation model has tremendous potential – for both the affiliate and the company/product owner.

But like everything else that is good, there is a downside. You should not be greedy in affiliate marketing. Don’t try to promote every affiliate program that you see being advertised, that does not work.

What tends to happen most of the time is that credibility is lost instead.

As I have just said, SFI is the one which is making me good $$$$s for me. 

Strong Future International (SFI) is 100% affiliate model. You don’t need to have a website for you to join. But later on for more income generation you will need a website for marketing the affiliate program. This is where the Zambia advisor website comes in, it does the marketing for me!

However, if you want to create your own website, based on your passion, like I have created my zambia, then join Sitebuildit!(SBI).


SFI here


SBI Here

I would strongly suggest that you stop here and join them. Click on the links, and you will be taken to the joining pages. 

Go ahead and join those two above, I will be waiting…

Summary of How I make Money With My Zambia Website

SFI (Strong Future International) is the best. I strongly recommend that you join SFI Here! First the commissions start small at the beginning. Then they start growing and growing. How much you make is dependent upon you! This is the business that you can bequeath to your children!

That's it! This is how I make money with my Zambia website. 

Please feel free to contact me here directly on my website if at all you have any questions. You can also call me at +260 977 568 268. I will be more than happy to help.

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