Chreso University

Chreso University offers Diplomas, Bachelor’s Degrees, Masters and Doctorates in Theology, Social and Business studies, Criminal Justice, Education and Health Sciences.

It strives to offer its students quality and affordable education. Courses are either full time or part time. Distance Learning is also available. 

Chreso University

The academic year runs in semesters and exams are held at the end of each semester. The institution is registered and approved with the Ministry of Education.

The University lives up to its mission statement which states:

“To serve individuals and families through life changing educational programs in social and business sciences, health sciences and theological studies all for the purpose of serving the needs of the larger community.’’

 Facilities at the University main campus include:

  • Lecture Rooms
  • Residents Rooms
  • Library
  • Kitchen
  • Lounges
  • Computer Rooms

Duration Of Courses

A bachelor’s degree takes about 3 years and a master’s degree can take 1 to 2 years. A PhD at Chreso usually takes three years (or less) depending on the caliber of the student.

It offers a broad range of degree programmes in a variety of academic fields some of which are the following:

  • Business Administration
  • BSc in Nursing
  • Information Technology
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Management and Communication Studies
  • Psychology and Counselling
  • BSc in Social Work
  • Human Resource Management
  • Theological Studies
  • BSc in NGO Management and Supervision
  • Banking and Development Finance

Would You Like To Enroll At Chreso University?

Applicants must have 5 O levels with a credit or better in English, Maths and Science. The University also offers mature age entry for adults from 40 years and above without school qualifications.

For all masters degrees, a bachelor's degree (undergraduate degree) from a regionally accredited College or University is the requirement.


Post Net Box 266 P/Bag E017,
17734 Nangwenya Road,
Go Centre,
Tel: +260 975 600680/+260 963 355192/+260 955 131826
Web:Click Here For Website Info!

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