Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage :
A Haven For Orphaned Chimps

Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage, as the name suggests, is an orphanage for the sick, wounded or unwanted wild animals. But it is best known as home to orphaned chimpanzees.

The Orphanage was started by a British couple Sheila and David Siddle (who died on June 30 2006) when the couple nursed an injured chimpanzee back to health in 1983. It has since then grown from one chimpanzee to well over 100. Today, it is one of largest chimpanzee sanctuaries in the world.

The Sanctuary gets most of its animals from poachers attempting to smuggle the infants into Zambia and also from dilapidated zoos and circuses from all over the world.


Accommodation is available but should be pre-arranged before your arrival. This is because there are no well developed accommodation facilities to cater fall a lot of visitors. But plans are underway to put up a tourist lodge and education facilities.


However, despite the above draw back, camping facilities are available (with hot showers). Other facilities and activities include a Bar, boating trips and Canoes if you wanted to go canoeing.

Chimpanzee Threats

The greatest threats to chimpanzees are the continued loss of habitat due to logging, agricultural development and the hunting of chimps for export to zoos and for food. Adult chimpanzees are killed in growing numbers mostly for their bushmeat while the young ones are usually sold as pets.

For More Information

Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage,
P.O. Box 11190,
Tel / Fax: 260-2-311293
Email: chimfunshiwildlife@iwayafrica.com

P.O. Box 5873,
Boston, MA 02114,
Tel: 1-503-238-8077
Email: ChimfunshiUSA@aol.com


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