Cement Companies In Zambia

The cement companies in Zambia have contributed to the construction industry in Zambia. Indeed, the construction industry is mushrooming in Zambia, thanks to the cement manufacturing companies in Zambia!

Currently there are more than four company players in the industry. The prominent ones are Dangote Cement, Oriental Quarries, Lafarge Cement Zambia and Zambezi Portland Cement Limited.

The Dangote Cement is based in Ndola, Oriental Quarries cement plant in Lusaka. Lafarge Cement Zambia has got two plants; one in Chilanga (Headquarters) and the other one in Ndola. Zambezi Portland Cement is found in Ndola.

The Market

Lafarge Cement Zambia – Chilanga PlantLafarge Cement Zambia – Chilanga Plant

The Zambian cement industry is currently dominated by Lafarge cement Zambia. With its two manufacturing plants, Lafarge Cement Zambia is the industry leader and the oldest on the local cement market.

Customers in the cement industry will have alternative selection of products from among the competing firms, resulting in cheaper and better products. 

With an increase in demand for cement on the local market due to an upswing in the construction industry, these firms are a welcome development. These companies target the export market as well. But initially, emphasis is placed on satisfying the local market.

Future Prospects

In view of the current construction trends on the Zambian market, these firms are guaranteed of a ready market both inside and outside the country. The increased interest of these firms in setting up the cement plants is as a result of Zambia’s positive macro-economic environment.

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