Best Eating Places In Luanshya Town!

There are not so many best eating places in Luanshya for the simple reason that the town is small. The few that I sampled are Nsofu Restaurant, Manor Foods and Anka Trade Centre in the town centre and Veronas Enterprises at second class shopping centre.

Nsofu Restaurant and Manor Foods are on Buntungwa Avenue, opposite Puma filling station. Anka Trade Centre Restaurant and Take Away is found on H Figov Road, opposite Chovu Chovu Bus Station.

All these restaurants in Luanshya specialise in Zambian Food. So you will find the usual, Nshima, served with side plates such as chicken, fish, meat, beans, vegetables etc.

If you are looking for easily affordable food prices, you can either visit Anka Trade Centre Restaurant and Take Away or Manor Foods.

The prices for Nsofu Restaurant are on the high side, but the food is also of higher international standard.

Review of Best Eating Places In Luanshya

Nsofu Restaurant Contact Details

The following are the contact details:

Tel: 510387
Fax: 510454
Box 91023
Manor Foods

The following are the contact details:

+260 955 861 230
+260 955 552 039
+260 967 881 750
Anka Trade Centre Restaurant
Inside Anka Trading Centre!

The following are the contact details:

+260 0950 378 884
+260 0955 473 090
+260 0969 132 005
+260 0977 473 090
Box 90542
Chovu Chovu Bus Station

Chovu Chovu bus station is opposite Anka Trade Centre Restaurant And Take Away on H. Fogov Road.

Luanshya Second Class Shopping Centre On Ghandi Road

Veronas Enterprises is found on Ghandi Road near the main bus station. The white building, second from right is where Veronas Enterprises is housed. The following are the contact details:

+260 0966 824 450
+260 0973 097 717
Box 90630

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