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What's The Correct Affiliate Definition?

What is the correct affiliate definition? The term simply means that there is a relationship between you and a larger entity or business, which is sometimes called a parent company.

What Affiliate Definition Includes

The contract includes information about how much and when you will be paid. There may be some rules about how you will conduct yourself online. Some companies with these kinds of programs have rules concerning the type of content you can have on your website. Publishing pornography, for example, is often “just cause” for the business to break an affiliate’s existing contract.

Other legalities may be mentioned in the contract. For example, the company may include a paragraph or two about how they will not be held responsible for any misinformation you give concerning their products. Legal suits are rare in these kinds of relationships but it is always a good idea to read the contract in its entirety before you sign.

A part of the definition of affiliate as it relates to marketing has to do with the form of compensation. Independent affiliates are typically compensated for referrals. On the internet, this usually means suggesting to your website or blog visitors that they visit the site of the company with which you are affiliated. This is tracked through a personalized clickable link.

It is important for affiliates to use the personalized links to send traffic to the parent company site. Otherwise, they will not get credit for the referral.

There are thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of these programs in operation. The programs vary in terms of the amount of compensation.

The one I like and one I am a member of is SFI (Strong Future International). Its program is easier to understand. The good thing is that it has six types of income streams for its affiliates!

In all cases, affiliates have relationships with each other but are not strictly controlled by each other. There is no limit to the number of relationships you can have. I hope the above explanation of affiliate definition has cleared things up for you.

In a nut shell, my explanation covers the popular commission-based programs that are useful for running a home business.

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