Zambian Holidays

The Zambian holidays that are commemorated are shown below.

During these Zambian public holidays, shops and banks are closed. Zambia celebrates over 12 public and religious holidays.

The following are some of the Zambian holidays:

New Year’s Day – 1st January

This is the day for celebrating the New Year in Zambia. In many places, revelry and drinking are part of the festivities.

Youth Day

Youth day is commemorated on 12th March each year.

Good Friday

Good Friday is a holiday observed primarily by adherents to Christianity, commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Calvary.


The name is applied to a single day commemorating Jesus’ resurrection—Easter Sunday. Easter has different faces in different parts of Zambia. For many, Easter is an intensely solemn occasion, a time for prayer and mass meetings.

Labor Day

Labor Day is commemorated on the 1st day of May, every year.

Africa Freedom Day – 25th May

This is the anniversary of the formation of the organization of African unity in 1963.

Heroes Day

Heroes'Day is observed on the first Monday in July. The Intention of this holiday is to honor citizens accorded the status of heroes and heroines. However, this day is more correlated to the Zambia International Trade Fair on which, including the Unity Day, employees rest. It is a memorial day for those who perished during the independence struggles. These are the people who sacrificed everything – their lives, their education, and their jobs for the independence of their country.

Such heroes and heroines include Grey Zulu, Sikota Wina, Dr. Kaunda, Simon Kapwepwe, Julia Chikamoneka, Mary Fulano, Harry Nkumbula, Reuben Kamanga, Fines Bulawayo, Humphrey Mulemba, Mainza Chona, Sipalo Munukayumbwa and so many others.

Unity Day

Unit day is held on the first Tuesday of July. This is the day on which all Zambians are required to meditate over the issue of unity.

Farmers Day

This is held in Lusaka, every year. Dabbed as the Zambia National Agricultural Show, it is a trade fair, a major social and cultural event. For several days the show grounds in Lusaka come alive with business men, farmers, politicians and families.

Independence Day – 24th October

This is the day when independence was officially granted to Zambia. In 1964 the instruments of independence were signed and Zambia became independent.

Christmas Day – 25th December

Christmas is supposed to be a religious holiday; however, the day is characterized with a great deal of social activities. Though the main holiday is on 25th December, the activities start around mid December to mid January. During this period most businesses are closed.

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