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On 26th July 2011, The Post, the paper that digs deeper clocked 20 years of independent journalism and unbroken news delivery to the nation.

Many organizations paid glowing tribute to the paper’s 20th anniversary. Among such ones was the Sourthen African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD)…

“The 20 years have been a period of perseverance, activism, and hard work, promoting press freedom and helping to build the multiparty democratic dispensation.”

The paper was launched on 26th July 1991 as a weekly Friday newspaper. Now it comes out daily and has weekend editions such as Weekend PostEducation Post and Post Lifestyle.

On 23rd October 1995, the paper went daily and became the second publication in Africa, after South Africa’s The Mail & Guardian, to go on the Internet.

The Paper is Zambia’s leading independent newspaper. The offices are on No. 36 Bwinjimfumu road in Rhodespark. The paper has also offices in about 15 districts. It has advanced from a newspaper with 15 people to now employing over 300 full-time staff and a good number of part-time staff, correspondents, casuals and street vendors across the width and breath of Zambia.

The Editor-in-Chief and founder of the Zambian Post is Fred M’membe. He was born on 11th March 1959 in Mongu, Zambia. Before founding the newspaper, he worked as an accountant, in fact an Auditor at KPMG.

Post Editor Fred M'membePost Editor Fred M'membe

The paper embraces all readers, from a taxi diver to the business executive. The paper covers articles on politics, economy, entertainment and education.

The paper has been in the forefront in spearheading the freedom of the press. This has always been resulting in clashes with governments of the day. All four Zambian presidents, including the government of Rupiah Banda have had differences with the paper. In fact the paper helped to oust President Kaunda and install the country’s first democratically elected president, Frederick Chiluba.

Read Thepost DailyRead The Post Daily!

Currently the paper has a circulation of 50,000 copies and has an estimated readership of around 550,000 people. Yes, today,  Post Newspapers remains the largest print media organization in terms of circulation, content, outreach and also its capacity to respond to people’s aspirations as regards information dissemination - it is the largest circulating newspaper in Zambia!

Fred M’membe is committed to upholding the principle of press freedom, to uncover the truth and report the facts. This in itself has earned him worldwide recognition. Yes, the Editor in Chief is a winner of three international press freedom awards.

And according to the survey conducted by Professional Management Review Africa (PMR) in March 2011, The Post was among companies which were awarded the Diamond Arrow Award in the leaders and achievers category.

The purpose of the survey was to measure companies, institutions, government entities and individuals on their competencies and contribution to the economic growth and development of Zambia.

The Post won the award among all daily newspapers in the country.

Thus, the award was for its contribution to stimulate growth and development of Zambia.

Lastly, here is what the Co-founder of the paper Mike Hall, had to say about the 20th anniversary of The Post:

“I am very proud that I helped found a newspaper that is still being published. I’m even more filled with admiration, however, for people that have toiled night and day, risked imprisonment – and their lives – to keep that beacon of free expression burning so bightly”

If you want to read Zambia’s independent newspaper, then this is the paper for you!

Contact Details Of The Post

Mobile phone: 0976 945148
Phone: 0211 231092/211 226027
Fax: 0211 229272
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