May 2009 Zambian inflation climbs again to 14.7 percent

The May 2009 Zambian inflation rate was 14.7 percent. This was an increase of 0.04 percent from April 2009 when it was at 14.3 percent.

The increase in the May 2009 Zambia inflation was attributed to the higher prices of some food and non-food products.

Food products accounted for 7.9 percentage points while non-food products accounted for a total of 6.8 percentage points.

In the CSO bulletin released in Lusaka on 28th May 2009, Central Statistical Office (CSO) director, Efreda Chulu said

“Contributing most to the increase in food inflation were increases in the cost of white breakfast meal, cereals and cereal products, meat, fish, kapenta, fresh vegetables, fresh milk and coffee, sugar, table salt and other processed food products."

"However, reductions were recorded in the cost of some food products such as maize grain, white roller meal, dried beans, sweet potatoes, shelled groundnuts and fresh fruits."

Annual food inflation

The annual food inflation was 16.1 percent in May 2009 as compared to 15.9 percent in April 2009.

Annual non-food inflation rate

The annual non-food inflation rate increased to 13.3 percent in May 2009 from 12.7 percent in April 2009.

Selected food products

A comparison of selected food products between April 2009 and May 2009, showed that national average price of a 25 kilogram bag of white breakfast meal increased by 2.2 percent form K 65,543 to K 66,970.

The national average price of a 20 liter tin of maize grain declined by 12.4 percent, from K 26,015 to K 22,789.

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