Kapirimponshi Town

Kapirimponshi is situated in the Central part of Zambia. It is about 180 kilometers from Lusaka and 120 kilometers from Ndola. The town is also fondly referred to as Kapiri.

Being a transit town for both rail and road users, the town is a hype of activity that makes it never sleep.

The road network takes you to three destinations; the copperbelt and Congo Dr, Northern and Tanzania and thirdly, Lusaka and the countries down south.

Because of its central location, it receives a lot of visitors who are enroute. Most of the buses stop here for refreshments.

Railway Connection

It connects Zambia Railways line from Kitwe through Lusaka to Livingstone. It is also here that you can board TAZARA (Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority) and travel up to Kasama and end up at Nakonde in the north of Zambia.

Kapiri Mposhi Tazara Station At Kapiri

 Kapiri Tazara Station At Kapiri

Kapiri Tazara Station - Foundation Stone

But if you don’t mind you can even find yourself at Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania,
1, 870 km from Kapiri!

TAZARA in Tanzania is also called Uhuru, a Swahili word for Freedom.

Kapirimponshi Town


Kapiri SKM Sales Agents Kapiri

Kapiri Kapiri Glass Factory


Last time I was at Kapiri I sported a few lodges and motels. And here are a few places offering accommodation: Among such ones are Unity Motel, Mimis Executive Guest Lodge and Eros lodge.

Kapiri Chanika Lodge - Kapiri

If you want to be near by the road, Unity Motel or Eros lodge could be ideal for you.Off the main road there are some nice places worth visiting as well.


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