Kafue River Cliff Launches Lady Betty

It was on 18th August 2009, when Kafue River Cliff launched a luxury cruise boat known as Lady Betty.

The commissioning of the boat was bestowed in honor of Betty Kaunda, for her outstanding role in the country’s liberation struggle.

The occasion attracted dignitaries, such as first lady Thandiwe Banda, the wife of the fourth Zambian president, Rupiah Bwezani Banda and Mama Chibesa Kankasa, including Dr Kaunda, the first Zambian president, diplomatic corps, and Government officials.

The Boat Cruise and the River Cliff are owned by Lawrence Sikutwa and Associates (LSA) and LSA group of companies chairperson, Lawrence Sikutwa said the introduction of Lady Betty was part of the first phase of a four-star $12 million hotel project the LSA group was putting up at the River Cliff.

And on 25th March 2011, LSA Group chairman, Lawrence Sikutwa, after being awarded the Tourism Personality of the year by Africast, said that Kafue district was going to be transformed into a competitive tourist destination.

He said, this was going to be possible when the Kafue River Cliff, four-star Hotel becomes operational towards the end of 2011.

Sikutwa further said,

“With the support of the authorities, particularly in the maintenance of infrastructure such as roads leading to various tourism destinations in Kafue, I believe the town can be transformed into a major business and tourism center of international standards.”

Lady Betty

Lady Betty is an 80 sitter houseboat. It was made in Zimbabwe at a cost of US$ 300,000. It is self-contained, has a kitchen, conference capacity dining lounge and a well stocked bar.

Lady Betty…

Lady Betty At Kafue River Cliff

The Bar for you to quench your thirst…

Bar At Kafue River Cliff

And of course the speed boats…

Speed Boat At Kafue River Cliff

Where found

8 km from Kafue town as you drive towards Livingstone, the first left turn immediately after passing River Motel, down the road and at exactly 4 km you are there!

Here is the contact number:

cell No:+260 979273133

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