Animals In Zambia – In The World Of The Big Five!

Ever seen some animals in Zambia? Or, ever been to the real world of animals, the game park?

Well, you may have come across one or all of the big five of the wild. The big five refers to the Lion, the Elephant, the Rhino, the Buffalo and the Leopard.

But these are just a fraction of what you will find in any one of the 19 national game parks in Zambia.

There are a lot of interesting animals which will give your eyes a feast. Talk of the hyena for a start. That common predator and scavenger, is not known to make a kill on its own, unless it is dependent upon others in a pack. Another interesting mammal is the migratory bat of Kasanka national part.

The hyena competes with a lion. It follows in its footsteps until the Lion kills its prey. Thereafter, it waits patiently for the Lion to have its share before pouncing on the left over.

Meanwhile the vultures are also waiting for their turn of the same kill. Usually, where you see vultures flying and circling at the same spot, there’s a dead animal.

The Leopard is one animal which is difficulty to find because it conceals itself so well. It hunts at night and is often found in trees. The Leopard can kill a prey much larger than itself. It is common in Luangwa game parks and other parks like the Nyika plateau.

Giraffes are also common in Luangwa, but they are rare in other parks.

The Luangwa national parks, both the north and the south are home to one of the biggest collection of wild life. You can find that powerful predator, the Lion. The Black Rhinoceros, although rarely found, is also found here. Large herds of the African Elephant are common.

For bird lovers, the Lochinvar National park is your home. With over 400 bird species recorded, it’s famous among bird watchers. The Lochinvar is in the Kafue flats, a huge flood plain important for Lechwe and other birds. Other animals you are likely to encounter are; The Cheeter, mostly found in the northern plains of Kafue. It is rarely seen. It usually feeds in the day.

The African Buffalo, known to be very dangerous can be found in most parks, but Kafue Park is where you find them in large numbers.

The Antelopes, are found in most parks in a variety of forms like the Wildbeast, Reedbuck, Steenbok, Roan Antelope, Impala, Lechwe Puku, Sable Antelope, the common Eland, the Bushbuck, the common Duiker, the blue Wild Beast and several others.

The river animals like the hippopotamus are mostly common in large rivers like the Luangwa…

The list of animals in Zambia can go on and on...

You know what? Visit this page regularly as we continue to update you on one animal after another!

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