The 2012 Zambian Inflation Target Was Set At 7 Percent!

The 2012 Zambian inflation target, according to the 2012 Zambian Budget which was delivered on 11 November 2011 and whose theme was “making Zambia a better place for all”, was set at not more than 7 per cent.

Budget Verses Actual

Though the country projected the inflation target of 7 percent, the actual was 7.3 percent.

Below we state the monthly inflation rates for the year.

For more information about the reasons for the monthly fluctuations, you can click on each link for the particular month.

2012 Monthly Inflation Rates

December 2012

December 2012 Zambia Inflation December 2012 Zambian inflation closes at 7.3 per cent

November 2012

November 2012 Zambia Inflation goes up once again with only one month to go in 2012!

October 2012

Up goes the October 2012 Zambia’s inflation rate to 6.8 percent!

September 2012

Zambia's September 2012 inflation rate climbs to 6.6 per cent.

August 2012

Zambia's annual inflation rate marginally goes up to 6.4 per cent in August 2012.

July 2012

The July 2012 Zambia inflation dropped to 6.2 per cent.

June 2012

The June 2012 Zambia inflation again, rose nominally to 6.7 percent.

May 2012

The May 2012 Zambia inflation rate increased by 0.1 percent as a result of increases in food prices as announced by Director of Census and Statistics John Kalumbi on 31st May 2012.

April 2012

April 2012 Zambia inflation rate rises again to 6.5 percent.

March 2012

The March 2012 Zambia inflation rate pushes to 6.4 percent.

February 2012

The February 2012 Zambia inflation rate at 6 percent was the lowest since 2002, according to Central Statistical Office (CSO) bulletin released on 23rd February 2012.

January 2012

January 2012 inflation rate recorded 6.4 percent the lowest over the years!

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