The 2009 Zambia Inflation – Month By Month Comparison

The 2009 Zambia inflation target for the year was set at 10 percent. Come December 2009, the target was surpassed!

Surprisingly, the country opened with an inflation rate in January 2009 of a double digit of 16 percent and in December 2009, it closed at a single digit of 9.9 percent.

By the end of the year, though inflation had been contained to manageable levels, the cost of living was not in tandem. For, example the cost of living in Lusaka was recorded at K 822,100, up by K 60,550 from the January 2009 figure of K 761,550.

The same trend was also noticed in other towns such as Solwezi, Kabwe, Kasama, Ndola, Kitwe and Livingstone.

The monthly 2009 Zambian inflation figures were recorded as follows:

December 2009

Read the December 2009 inflation ...here!

November 2009

Read the November 2009 inflation ...here!

October 2009

Read the October 2009 inflation ...here!

September 2009

Read the September 2009 inflation ...here!

August 2009

Read the August 2009 inflation ...here!

July 2009

Read the July 2009 inflation ...here!

June 2009

Read the June 2009 inflation ...here!

May 2009

Read the May 2009 inflation ...here!

April 2009

Read the April 2009 inflation ...here!

March 2009

Read the March 2009 inflation ...here!

February 2009

Read the February 2009 inflation ...here!

January 2009

Read the January 2009 inflation Rate ...here!

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